14  Bitcoin Questions That Are Commonly Asked BY Beginners

14  Bitcoin Questions That Are Commonly Asked BY Beginners are written as follows below:

There are many questions that are asked by from “beginners”, such as “What type of person  wants to learn about the Cryptocurrency called Bitcoin?” “How do I get started started with mining Bitcoins?” “What servers or pools are the best, for mining Bitcoin?” “Is it easy to manage a Bitcoin wallet, and which ones have safety protection?”  “Is investing in Bitcoin risky, and have probability of uncertainty?”  “What market place can I go to online to buy and sell Bitcoins?”There are many questions that contain a lot of feelings about doubt and uncertainty  alongside anxiety. Today we are going to solve the common fears that you may experience, when thinking about the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


1.What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was established in 2008 by an organization with  the alias of  Satoshi Nagamoto . Currently, the knowledge and understanding of interest in Bitcoin is spreading around the world. Investors are turning to Bitcoin, as a source of possible net profits compared to the high volatility of the stock markets such as NASDAQ.  Money in the form other currencies, can be used to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) though direct bank transfer. Individuals don’t have to pay expensive fees. Management of have registered Bitcoin address to your wallet, must be managed or you may not remember your important btc account information.


2.How many Bitcoin do we have?

Bitcoin has reached 21 million coins, of which can’ t be built anymore. This type of Cryptocurrency is kept in its current form, and will remain the same in the years to come. Also, Bitcoin allows the reduction of  inflation and depreciation , in the standard paperback of money. Furthermore, Bitcoin has been gaining a lot attention and popularity from people of different socioeconomic backgrounds. The BTC has already been excavated for about 16,000,000 BTC, so there are about 5,000,000 BTCs that can be mined.


3.How to mine Bitcoins? Can mining Bitcoin make real money?

Bitcoin digging can make money for the diggers. When mining is done, we earn money in the form of bitcoin. We have to use powerful computer with multiple high ram level GPUs/Graphics Cards to mine Bitcoin very quickly.With better technology and resource generating power, Bitcoin digging can be done with a digger through a Bitcoin mine application download.. Normally, if you use a digging machine properly your diggers will generate Bitcoin efficiently, after digging through a day. If you choose a cloud mining service, or other third-party  applications to dig for you, the digger will get money fast after just by one day.


4.How do you get Bitcoin?

There are 3 ways to get Bitcoin as written as follows: 1.  To buy Bitcoin, 2. Mining BTC by yourself, 3. Earn Bitcoins by playing games.


5.What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining means digging. This means we rent a digging machine from companies, to dig Bitcoins for us to earn money. This helps us to saving money, and have more net profit alongside capital. This type of service feels easygoing and fine, with low fees. The best cloud mining service is Genesis-Mining. You can click here to see the details.

6.Are there many people who still Mine for Bitcoin?

Many people are interested in mining with a powerful mining machine. The graphics card(s) have to be powerful enough for digging. Mining Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy, and you have to use a lot of capital and electricity. The cost of mining equipment  is so high that many people are turning to cloud mining, because the company can do it for them.


7.How to use a Bitcoin wallet, and what is it?

Before you start using Bitcoin or digital coins, we have to have a wallet before to store them, because if we don’t have one we can’t save Bitcoins. The Bitcoin wallet is used to connect you to the system. For example, Bank websites connect us to their system to access our money we have in our accounts.


8.How to start playing Bitcoin ?

In order to invest in Bitcoin, you have to understand and have knowledge of it. When you are  confident, you are able to choose the right way to obtain the right coin.

9.What things do Beginners have to be careful with using Bitcoin?

You have to be careful when you become a member on websites, because they can have fake and have games. From this, you have to learn the detail a lot and read many reviews from people on websites.


10. Is Bitcoin a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme, and can you trust it?

We can trust Bitcoin, because it is not a scheme and is very reliable. Many people are not use to using Bitcoin, but we still trust it. Some governments do not accept Bitcoin, but many big countries accept Bitcoin already.


11. Which countries accept Bitcoin?

Many countries accept legal Bitcoins, such as America, Canada, Europe and Japan. There are also many entrepreneurs who accept the payment as, BTC such as restaurants in Japan and famous companies in America.


12.What will the future be like with Bitcoin?

The value of Bitcoin changes all the time, just like any other currency in the market, or as we call it Demand Supply. Sometimes people want a lot Bitcoins, so there is a lot in the system? If sometimes there is bad news, such as a criminal trying rob coins by a technique called Hard Fork. Furthermore if there are too many people selling in the system, this reduces the value of the Bitcoin.


13.Should we invest a low amount or a high amount of money in Bitcoin?

There are no restrictions on the capital used to invest in bitcoin. Bitcoin investment is like investing in stocks or gold, so you have to consider investing in it. We have to learn and understand well, because Bitcoin is a risky investment.


14.What is the future of Bitcoin to make money?

There are many people who don’ t have that much knowledge about Bitcoin. If we compare with Forex, people will have knowledge more about Forex than Bitcoin. This is the reason why Beginners should improve their skills and knowledge with details about Bitcoin more. This will make your ability with making money with Passive and Active forms of income higher.

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